Gift card selection

The range of choice depends on whether you can pick up exactly the gift that will please a particular person. Giftmall offers a huge selection of gift cards from over 300 brands, among which you will find something completely unique. Instant processing and delivery of any order, from the smallest to the largest, makes giftmall the perfect place to find gifts.
Each brand has its own gift cards, the design of which you can see in the catalog. If you order an e-gift card, it will be sent to you as a digital image. And if you want to give the card in person, it will be either a plastic or cardboard branded card. Before ordering, you can check on the web page of a particular card to see its visual image in the "What the gift card will look like" section.
When browsing the catalog of gift cards from the best retailers in Germany on our website, click on the "Show more" button right below it. You will see the full list valid for today. It is regularly expanded and supplemented, so you will find something new in it every time!
The card redemption rules for each brand may slightly vary. Therefore, before you start purchasing goods or services in a brand store, read the detailed information on this particular card on our website.
It is a great idea to take care of all the details! Give a look at the "Usage Details" section on the web page of your chosen brand. There, you will find a subsection "Terms and Conditions” that you need.
An e-gift card is a special code that comes to you via any of your preferred communication channels (email, Viber, SMS, Telegram).
To check the balance of your card and manage it, you will need a personal account. Therefore, we offer to go through a simple registration by phone number and get the most comfortable and safe experience of using our service.

Gift card order

Open the catalog on our website and select the brand and format (electronic or plastic) of the gift card. Load it into your shopping cart and specify the number of cards and the amount of each when ordering. Then pay for the purchase with a credit card or giftmall Multi Card and wait for delivery.
No, the purchase procedure is the same. But you can make it easier if you install "Digital card" in the filtering options.
No, the number of cards can be any, but your payment must not exceed 50,000 euros, and all cards must be sent to the same recipient.
Yes, when collecting a shopping cart, you can put any type of card into it. But at the time of payment, the system will automatically divide your order into two, grouping cards of different types into separate orders.
Yes, you can place and pay for an order, but it can only be delivered to a recipient who is currently in Germany.
You can choose transfer money through the PayU payment system to pay for the goods in advance.
We will ask you for a minimum amount of information: your name, phone number, and email address. If the recipient is another person, then the same data will be needed for the recipient.
We offer to use your usual payment card and the proven and reliable WayForPay payment system to process the transaction.

Gift card delivery

If you ordered an e-card, it will come to you by email.
Yes, it can be any valid e-mail address within Germany.
We deliver e-cards free of charge; you only need to pay for the price indicated in the catalog.
Yes, this option is available at the time of ordering.
Yes, if you have given a 100% accurate phone number and email address of your recipient.

Other details

You can look at the brand page in our catalog. But if you are in any doubt, order it to your email address and then just send it to the recipient.
Orders are executed instantly in automatic mode. Therefore, if you have already confirmed the details of the order, it is impossible to stop it. Therefore, carefully check all the information provided before clicking the "Confirm Order" button.
Our service does not provide for the return of cards and cash compensation since they are all provided by reliable suppliers. You can redeem it yourself or present it to someone else.
Yes, an e-card with the same code can be sent again to the address specified in the order.
Yes, we can resend the e-card to the e-mail, phone number that was specified in the original order. But please note, the gift card is valid for the bearer. That is, if third parties have access to the gift card, they can use it because the gift cards are not registered.
If this is an offline store, contact the administrator and ask to check the card on the internal network. If you use an online store, call the hotline. If the card has not yet expired, a check will show that it is active and you can complete the transaction. If you encounter additional difficulties, call us or use the contact form on our website.
Yes, if a particular retailer allows it, you can pay the rest in cash or in any other way convenient for you and the seller.
You can buy another card, but it is impossible to replenish this one because its amount is fixed.
The decision on the fate of the lost card does not depend on us, since each brand has its own rules in this regard. Contact brand representatives to clarify their terms and conditions. But in most cases, you will be denied, so take care of the safety of your card or try to use it as soon as possible.
Yes, of course, because it is not assigned to any particular recipient.
Yes, of course, you can email us or fill in the contact form at any time. Our managers answer instantly from 9:00 to 18:00 on all working days from Monday to Friday. As soon as they receive the message, they will try to help you right away.
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