Corporate Gift Card Practices

A great way to show respect for partners, encourage employees, and touch the hearts of your customers.

Inspire people. Get the result

Productive sales department

By rewarding for the best results, you increase efficiency and encourage others to achieve more.

Enthusiastic team members

Engage employees and make your relationship warmer with original motivating benefits.

Solid partnerships

Inspire your partners not only with ideas but also with a sincere display of appreciation.

Corporate courtesies

Brand your presents with an authentic gift card or choose from a catalog of ready-made offers.

Devoted customers

Incorporate gift cards into your loyalty system to encourage bonus accumulation and repeat purchases.

Increased ratings

Reward clients for posting reviews and promoting your business.

Corporate Gift Card Ideas

  • Digital gift cards

    Send and receive digital gift codes via any communication channels: e-mail or messanger.

  • Giftmall gift card

    Let others choose a gift from a variety of branded cards. Complete the list of offers with a gift card of your brand.

  • Accessing the catalog via the API

    Enhance your system with direct access to the gift card catalog.

  • Instant launch of the loyalty program

    Create a bonus program in a few clicks in the format of a web page with rewarding points accrual.

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What Our Clients Say

For over three years of working with giftmall, I can say that it is a reliable partner that always maintains a high level of partnership, trust and loyalty towards its customers. From my experience in launching many loyalty programmes, I can assure you that giftmall has a large catalogue of gift vouchers not only in Germany but also in other markets

Monica Schneider

HR Manager

We are incredibly grateful to giftmall for the many years of collaboration and the positive changes in our company's life that have become possible thanks to gift cards. Our relations with partners and clients have become much more cordial and sincere. Giftmall is a reliable and creative partner who never ceases to please and amaze with new offers.

Petra Fisher

Administration Manager

The idea to reward employees with gift cards from giftmall came to us a long time ago. And since then, we have constantly delighted staff and partners with the opportunity to choose a gift to their taste from the best German and global brands. Thanks to the reliability of giftmall as a partner, we know that we can always rely on it and receive the most up-to-date gift certificates at any time and in any quantity.

Joseph Graf


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