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A gift that will delight and surprise anyone is a Giftmall multi card. It gives recipients complete freedom of choice. They can choose any Brand card from the catalog and pay for it with a Multi card. A Multi card giftmall is easily sent in electronic form and makes both recipient and sender happy.

Gift card type

How to use

Using the giftmall card is super convenient, for this you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1.  Select the desired good, type and nominal of the gift card and add it to the cart.
  2. click the "Checkout" button to go to the shopping cart.
  3. During the order process, fill in the “Contact details” and "Data for delivery of gift card” blocks.
  4. In the “Payment” section, in the "giftmall gift card's code" field, enter the giftmall card code (or giftmall card codes separated by commas, if you have several) and activate it.
  5. Confirm your order by clicking the appropriate button.

Terms & Conditions

The card can only be redeemed on the official giftmall website https://giftmall.de/

    How to use multi card giftmall 

    1. You can pay for Brand cards using a Multi card only within 24 months. It cannot be renewed after the expiration date.
    2. The card can only be redeemed on the official giftmall website https://giftmall.de/en/catalog.
    3. The cash balance of the card can be used in parts to pay for various Brand cards until it is completely depleted.
    4. You cannot exchange the face value of the card for cash.
    5. If the balance on the Multi card giftmall is lower than the Brand Card you have chosen, you need to cover the difference.


2023-09-12 12:08:00
Eine sehr interessante Idee, dass man diese Karte auf jede andere Marke umtauschen kann.
2023-12-13 10:39:00
Gute Idee, wenn man nicht weiß, was als Geschenk zu wählen.
2024-03-22 13:59:00


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