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Weekend in Germany

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The ultimate gift of travel! Our versatile gift voucher opens the door to prepaid hotels all across Germany, ranging from 3-star to luxurious 5-star hotels. Good for most hotel chains. Just search by date and select hotel. It's the perfect present for anyone eager to explore new places, designed to make hotel selection a breeze. Where will your gift take them?

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  1. Go to https://ho.hotel-express.com/giftmallgermany
  2. Click Sign up at the top of the page.
  3. Fill in the form to create a user. To be able to sign up, use the following in the access code field: giftmall976
  4. Below the search form enter your voucher code.

Click Search to find hotels in your desired city and on your desired dates.
For all future log ins, use your e-mail and own selected password.

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing this service, you will receive a Hotels Online card.

    How to use Hotels Online gift card

    1. The gift card is valid for to 3 years. 
    2. The gift card can be used by the link https://ho.hotel-express.com/giftmallge2
    3. The maximum number of gift cards that can be used to purchase goods is 1 pcs.
    4. The gift card cannot be returned or exchanged.
    5. The gift card cannot be restored in case of loss.
    6. The gift card cannot be exchanged for cash.
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